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eSKUeL is a MySQL databases administration interface written in PHP. It allow user to manage simply and fully one or more database without any advanced knowledge in SQL language.

Like phpMyAdmin, eSKUeL can backup a table property, export and import the structure and/or the content of a database. You'll be able to add, delete one or more records,control and optimize the size of one table or database, rename or copy datas, in fact you'll can do everything phpMyAdmin does but better and efficiently.

Better because we tried to create a more attractive interface (just take a look at the screenshots), more ergonomic (you can quickly do everything), more "cross-browser" (no more bugging frames or dhtml) and customizable (absolutely !).

More efficient because we wanted each request to be the fastest of the world, a maximum of actions available and we wish that every advanced SQL user could use eskuel easily. But you'd better have to try eskuel now ! You'll see exactly what we mean.

Some cool features :

  • Query bookmark system
  • Context help
  • Interface in 2 or 3 columns
  • CSV Dump
  • Copy and rename table
  • Table comment (no more table needed)
  • Table check and repair
  • Customizable interfaces
  • Multi-users capabilities (based on htaccess)

Démo Demo

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